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The National Association of YWCA Executive Directors (NAYE) is the professional organization for YWCA Executive Directors/CEOs. Membership is open to YWCA Executive Directors/CEOs. Associate Membership is open to retired YWCA Executive Directors/CEOs.

The purpose of NAYE is:
  • To provide a forum for discussion and exchange of information among YWCA Executives.
  • To promote high standards of personal, professional, and organizational excellence.
  • To provide leadership and to serve as a representative voice of YWCA Executives on matters of national concern.

The mission of the National Association of YWCA Executives is to build the strongest leaders in the non-profit sector.

 31st Annual NAYE Conference

More Information about the 31st NAYE Conference Coming Soon!

What a Time we had at our 30th Anniversary Conference!

Over 40 YWCA executives joined us in Laguna Niguel, California for our three day conference in November.

Full of inspiring and informative speakers, and opportunities to network with others, our CEOs and Executive Directors enjoyed a sunny respite from their demanding leadership roles.
"Click here for pictures from the conference".

Just a few comments from the conference included;

"A wealth of information"

"Great opportunity to network"

"Important in the role of leadership to be knowledgeable of trends and share best practices"

"Very encouraging and empowering"

"Great professional development opportunity"


"Don't wait like I did for several years -- you need this and will love it"!

All directors with paid NAYE memberships also have access to our new NAYE EDCamp interactive site to continue the sharing of valuable information, discover new resources, have real time discussions between other YWCA executives, and share documents, multi-media and audio files to help grow your association and the YWCA as a whole

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